Check out the job listings for the position of a full-stack developer currently on We Work Remotely. Then read ours (it's still in draft).

It's exactly because of things like this that I continue to feel joy and pride in owning and running a company.

The opportunity to craft the job description I would have wanted to read as a developer. To pose the questions I believe are crucial to potential candidates. To trust my gut in selecting the right person for the job.

More generally, it's the daily privilege of turning my vision of an ideal work environment into reality. To emphasize, express, and put into action my personal values when it comes to working with others.

But it's not just the satisfaction of walking the talk that I value.

Living these values also presents me with a unique opportunity to identify and rectify the imperfections in my own idealistic business environment. It's a chance to make adjustments and keep progressing on my personal path of knowledge and growth.

I receive offers to sell or invest in Dato almost every day. The day I say yes — and there's no doubt that one day it will happen, nothing lasts forever — I would instantly forfeit this immense privilege.

I would no longer have this amazing platform that allows me to fully express myself professionally, with complete freedom, total control, and all the necessary resources. Answerable to no one but the people I care deeply about: the team I've chosen, and our customers.

For now, I'm good with how things are, thank you.